a mold buildup on the white ceiling


What is the most durable carpet when you have pets?

What is the most durable carpet when you have pets? When it comes to choosing a new carpet, one of the biggest deciding factors should be whether or not you...

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Should I remove all the carpet in my home?

Carpets can be really frustrating! While new, clean carpet can add warmth and color to a room, it quickly wears down. Even cleaning your carpet frequently can wear down carpet...

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What type of flooring is better for a kitchen?

Your kitchen is a primary gathering place in your home. The family gathers together in the kitchen to discuss the events of the day, do homework, and prepare meals for...

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If I spill paint on my carpet will insurance cover it?

Carpet is one of the first things people notice about your home. Not only does your carpet reflect your sense of style, it also adds to the value of your...

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