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Water Removal

Water extraction is a vital aspect of water or flood damage recovery. Standing water or flooded spaces inside a home might do much worse than simplistic structural damage. Moisture, as well as standing water is a breeding ground for toxic

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Tips for Mold Prevention

With so many cases of homeowners complaining of mold, one has to wonder, can mold growth be prevented? Shockingly, yes it can, especially when you consider the things (food, moisture, and oxygen) mold requires to grow and thrive. While oxygen

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Why Commercial Carpeting Might Be Perfect for Your Company

Commercial Carpeting

If your company is thinking about putting in new carpet, commercial-grade carpeting might be just what you are looking for. Here is why: Durability One main concern of business owners who are curious about buying carpet is its durability. That

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Mold Symptoms You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Mold has a reputation of bringing down homes and affecting families without being noticed. The fact that they grow hidden behind the wallpapers, in tiny dark spaces, in cracks on the walls and other hard to see areas contributes to

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3 Ways to Extend the Life of your Carpet

The lush feeling of carpeting underfoot is an excellent feature of any living space yet, as all homeowners know, it is a comfort which doesn’t come cheaply. In order to maximize the substantial investment you have made, below are three

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How to Remove Gum from the Carpet

Remove Gum Carpet Stain

Whether it fell to the floor within a bubble blowing contest or was tracked in on your shoe, gum may be one of the most challenging stains to get out of the carpet. Here is how you can remove it:

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What are the Best Ways to Clean my Furniture?

Furniture is a massive financial investment and must be your priority as it’ll come to regular household maintenance. Below are some proven, tested, and tried ways to keep your furniture looking new. Vacuuming Let us begin with one obvious point:

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Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring Carpet Cleaning Services

Nowadays, it is not always that simple to differentiate between a reputable carpet cleaning service and one that is less than trustworthy. However, getting the answers to the following 4 questions will place you on the correct journey to making

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Help! My Carpeting Has Black Lines Around the Edges!

Are there grey or black lines that surround the corners of your carpeting, especially underneath the doors and near the baseboards? Plus, no matter how often you vacuum and scrub those spaces, the stains just keep on coming back? If

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Preventing and Treating Mold in Carpets

Mold in Carpets

If the mold inside your carpet is fairly new, and has yet to reach the deep recesses of its fibers, expert cleaning might salvage your carpet. However, if the mold is widespread and more advanced, the mold-infested areas of your

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